Founder of Amuse Consulting, Marc Smith brings more than a decade of event planning experience to each event. Having worked for seven years at Capers Community Markets in Vancouver as Regional Demo and Special Event Coordinator, Marc planned a wide variety of sponsored and in-store events. He is also a graduate (and valedictorian!) of Leadership Vancouver , as well as a founding board member of the BC Ethics in Action Society. He is a board member of Just Singing Round Foundation and has volunteered for three years for Dining Out For Life for A Loving Spoonful .

Amuse Consulting is Vancouver ‘s choice for event planning and production. Are you ready to truly enjoy a special event? Want to have less stress and more fun? Call in a little help from Amuse.

Commitment to Sustainability

As event planners, Amuse Consulting is committed to a philosophy of sustainability, both in preserving our environment and helping our community develop social and economic longevity.

Amuse is also committed to making your event spectacular, and we offer the opportunity to make it a stand out in environmental and social performance as well. With our network of partner-suppliers and sponsors, Amuse can ensure ethical sourcing of food, beverages, flowers, and décor. Wherever possible, we work with suppliers who share this commitment and whose products and services are sensitive to their impact on the environment and the community.

Client Specialists

Our true specialty lies not in the type of events we plan, but in the service we offer our clients: we create custom events tailored to your needs and listen to our clients to deliver as promised. You’ll not only get a mission and values statement for your individual event, we’ll also create guidelines that we’ll follow right from the start.