Amuse is a BLO hero.

In the last week of November we were approached by our good friend Val Litwin of Blo to help them craft a marketing document that would appeal to short term temp vendors interested in their Yaletown location for 2010.

Here’s an excerpt from the Blo BLO-G talking about what we did to help.

Blo needed help, and Marc from Amuse Consulting ( was our knight in shining armour. In preparation for 2010 we contracted Event expert Marc Smith from Amuse Consulting to assist us in identifying the unique aspects of our store and creating a compelling and succinct marketing piece that we will use when talking with potential clients/buyers. Marc was quickly able to identify the FAB (let us translate… features and benefits equal fab, not fabulous… although it totally is) that would be of interest to short term tenants and with his recent experience in Olympic events he was able to identify what they would be looking for.

Thanks Marc and Amuse Consulting, you’re so dreamy.