Social Media Concierge–Tips, Tricks & Thoughts

Nov 4-6, 2011 saw the 7th ever Event Camp hosted in Vancouver at two beautiful venues, the Westin Bayshore & the Vancouver Convention Centre. Over 80 event professionals attended in person from Vancouver, Alberta, Washington, Oregon along with speakers from California, Denver, & Washington DC. We also had over 50 virtual attendees from Sweden, Belgium, Canada, USA & England to name a few. It was for those 50 virtual attendees that I was assigned to the task of Social Media Concierge. Here are my takeaways.


DEF: Social Media Concierge – a person dedicated to monitoring the virtual conversations taking place at a conference/meeting/event & to provide assistance to the virtual attendees as well as being the voice for them at the conference. Being the in room representative for the virtual attendees, asking questions & sharing knowledge. A conduit for the show organizers to gauge real time feedback on the event

Here are my 10 Do’s & Don’ts


1. Make sure the Social Media Concierge really understands the social media channels you are using & actually uses them efficiently for their own business/use.

2.Have dedicated hard line internet access. Wi-Fi is good but occasionally I was bumped off and it took me about 10 mins to re-establish myself which meant I was losing some potentially valuable engagement

3. Make sure your laptop or desktop is up to date and fast! if you are going to be multitasking on it all day the last thing you need is for technology to slow down. Invest in the best you can afford.


“What I adore about hybrid events is the networking that can happen between people on-site and people online. Event Camp Vancouver was a stellar example of the kind of community that can be created when you have active and visible stewards at the social media helm. With a dedicated concierge, someone who’s sole role is to bring the voice of the online community into the face to face event, not only do the remote attendees feel more engaged and valued, but the overall quality of the learning is enhanced by the dynamic exchange between online and onsite delegates.” – Erica St. Angel, VP Marketing, Sonic Foundry


4. Two screens are better than 1. When multitasking between Tweetchat , the Twitter List I was building & the other programs 2 screens would have made it much easier & efficient.

5. Provide the Social Media Concierge with the Key Points from each presenter in advance so that they don’t get missed. Having these in advance would have allowed me to pre type some tweets to coincide with the on stage presentations

6. Have a pre event meeting with the Event Producer/Show Manager & the Host/MC/Moderator. This ensures that all parties are clear on the roles & the Social Media Concierge adds to the event and is not a distraction

7. Treat the Social Media Concierge just like a presenter or co host. To be truly effective a Social Media Concierge is the voice of the Virtual Attendees as well as those in the room that don’t want to stand up. I thought Glenn Thayer & myself made a great team.

8. Understand the Social Media Concierge can in real time be the feedback gauge of the event. He/she can tell you exactly how the attendees are reacting to the venue/programming & speakers. Allow for real time communication with the Event Planner so that adjustments can be made to enhance the attendee experience.

“In the case of EventCamp Vancouver the social media concierge had a dual role. The designated role was to monitor the Twitter stream for the virtual audience primarily and to share what they had to say with those in the room who may not be following along Twitter. (especially as we did not have a feed running at the front of the room) The secondary role that some would say was of the most value was when we had small group sessions that included technology and people could ask their own specific questions to improve their knowledge of social media. Both invaluable. “ – Tahira Endean, Director, Team Creative & Production Cantrav Services Inc.


1. Don’t run the show & be the Social Media Concierge at the same time, each is a full time job.

2. Don’t volunteer to be the Social Media Concierge if you were planning to be an attendee as well, you will miss some of the networking & learning opportunities. Better to have clear focus for either role – attendee or Social Media Concierge.

Holiday Decor at the Westin Bayshore

For the 7th year in a row the Westin Bayshore is holding it’s Christmas Tree Decorating Contest! Watch the trees get decorated live during the Dec 6th taping of Breakfast Television on Citytv. Come by the Westin between Dec 6th-28th & vote for your favourite tree, best of all proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross.

Amuse was asked to help out with the launch of this years contest by creating 3 unique & easy centrepieces that could grace any festive holiday table. Here is what we’ve come up with including where we found all items. Please let us know Which is your favourite table centrepiece.

Here’s a snapshot of the segment that aired on Breakfast TV earlier on Dec 6th. Centrepiece pictures with full itemization listed below.

And the 2012 Charity is… Five Hole For Food

Five Hole For Food – an annual coast to coast tour playing hockey to support food banks across Canada. Uniting fans of all loyalties, FHFF visited St. John’s, Halifax, Charlottetown, Saint John, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, & Vancouver in 2011.

In only 2 short years Five Hole For Food has raised almost 60,000 lbs of food for local food banks & has the support of some Canada’s biggest corporations Molson Canadian, Chevrolet Canada, Canadian Pacific, Boston Pizza, WestJet, TELUS, Marketwire & London Drugs just to name a few.

Mission Statement – Five Hole for Food brings together communities across Canada using hockey as a vehicle for social change and to support Food Banks in this country. Five Hole for Food creates a giving experience that inspires, cultivates change and has a legacy impact.

The Full Story

History – Since starting Amuse in 2005 I’ve contributed many hours personally & professionally to some amazing charities & groups that do great work here in the lower mainland. Traditionally groups have approached me when their need was upon them. In the fall of 2009 I decided to take a different approach.

I took stock of what was happening in Vancouver & researched charities I felt where addressing problems facing the community & chose one where I felt my unique skills & abilities would be needed most. In other words I chose the organization that my support would have the most impact on.

Current – In 2010 that charity was QMUNITY an amazing organization that supports, educates & helps to keep safe the LGBT community from teens to the grave. Definitely check QMUNITYout to learn more about what they do and how we’ve helped.FHFF Story – Feb 2010 I was asked by my friend Dixon Tam to meet a young guy by the name of Richard Loat who started a charity the year before & who needed a bit of mentor-ship about approaching & managing sponsorship. I was promised that if I gave an hour of my time I would be wowed by what this 22 year old was doing. Of course I said yes & boy was I WOWED!

I spent 2010 helping out via twitter, phone, email & the occasional face to face. I helped plan the wrap up party in my gallery space once the media picked up the story for the final Vancouver game which meant all hands were on deck at the game.

When the dust settled on the 2010 events a core concern came up for Richard & the exec team, organizational sustainability & future growth. While not something I’m usually hired for it is something I’m passionate about. So during Sept to November I spent time with the exec team setting forth a long term strategy & then we met separately with the Ops & Marketing teams. Structure, accountability & work flow documentation were our focus.

Get Involved – So what will I be doing for 2012 with FHFF? All of the above + hosting & connecting major influencers with the team to help facilitate Five Hole For Food becoming the premier National Food Bank Fundraiser in Canada. If you want to get involved please connect with me via Twitter FaceBook Google+ 604-687-6335 or

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Charities Choose Amuse Consulting For 2012

Amuse Consulting is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as the event planner for two amazing charities providing services to residents of BC.

The Canadian Red Cross Western Zone has asked Amuse Consulting to plan it’s new signature Gala to take place in Oct 2012. The Canadian Red Cross supports our community with Disaster Management support, Migrant & Refugee Services & RespectED: Violence Prevention services just to name a few.


QMUNITY was the 2011 charity of choice for Amuse Consulting and that relationship is continuing into 2012 with Amuse producing a Donor Reception, the International Day Against Homophobia breakfast & the signature event Stack the Rack. A 4th event is also in planning with details soon to follow.

Amuse is please to be working with such amazing organizations and is looking forward to building a stronger community which we can all benefit from.

For more information on these organizations or about Amuse Consulting please don’t hesitate to call us 604-687-6335 email us or tweet us

Urban Barn – creates a Home on Howe St for charity

On My way to a client meeting today I decided to skip the crowds on Granville and instead walked along Howe St. Now I walk this street all the time so I’m pretty familiar with all the businesses and what their windows usually display.  When I came by the Urban Barn I noticed the store looked remarkably bare compared to normal and yet a lot of people were inside lounging and talking. I had to check it out.

Home On Howe Window Display

When I walked in I discovered the store had been converted to a “Right at Home on Howe“  a 3,600 sq ft retail space transformed into a 17 day temporary home for Urban Barn employee Robbie Romu. Robbie was handpicked by Urban Barn President Rick Bohonis to live in the store 24/7 for the during of the 2010 Olympic Games. Knowing that the store would not be a destination during the Games they decided instead to create a respite from the chaos for both locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Urban Barn invites the public to stop by anytime during the extended Olympic hours to hang with Robbie. You can watch TV with friends, sit and relax, play Wii, check email, you name it! In keeping with the spirit of the Games Urban Barn has used this opportunity to raise funds in support of the Canadian Paralympic Foundation (CPF), a registered Canadian charity dedicated to raising funds to support the development of sport for the benefit of Canadians with physical disabilities. The Goal is to raise $20,010.00 by March 21st. Please click here to donate or to learn more.

Amuse is a BLO hero.

In the last week of November we were approached by our good friend Val Litwin of Blo to help them craft a marketing document that would appeal to short term temp vendors interested in their Yaletown location for 2010.

Here’s an excerpt from the Blo BLO-G talking about what we did to help.

Blo needed help, and Marc from Amuse Consulting ( was our knight in shining armour. In preparation for 2010 we contracted Event expert Marc Smith from Amuse Consulting to assist us in identifying the unique aspects of our store and creating a compelling and succinct marketing piece that we will use when talking with potential clients/buyers. Marc was quickly able to identify the FAB (let us translate… features and benefits equal fab, not fabulous… although it totally is) that would be of interest to short term tenants and with his recent experience in Olympic events he was able to identify what they would be looking for.

Thanks Marc and Amuse Consulting, you’re so dreamy.

Olympics – do or don’t? My take on the what’s going to happen

So we are 30 days away from hosting the Olympics here in Vancouver and everyone seems to have an opinion on whether it’s a good or bad thing for Vancouver. Well here’s mine.

Regardless of my initial position it is now a done deal and I feel we should embrace it and take advantage in whatever way makes the best sense. So that means let’s stop our griping and let’s have some fun! With so much happening in the city it’s a once in a life time opportunity.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of what’s happening.

1. Working and traveling into DT – this is a big one. If you commute to DT for work you may want to ask for some options. Would your company allow you to telework? Can I adjust my work hours to void the commute crush (did you know most Olympic sports start at noon or later? This means if you work from 7-2pm you’ll avoid most of the traffic mess)? Are you able to carpool or take public transit (Translink has worked hard to make this information available on one site. All you need to know about car pooling, trip planning, schedules etc it is there. Also if you have an IPHONE check out the APP store for the free Translink App. I use it all the time!)?

2. Take in the sights sounds and energy that is going to be happening all over the Lower Mainland. There will be lots of great events and pavilions happening all over the Lower Mainland and up to Whistler. When I searched there are at least 34 events that are free during the month of February in the Vancouver area alone. Also don’t forget the live site at David Lam Park, Georgia and Beatty and of course the Richmond O Zone which will have Holland House (better known as Heineken House).

3. Party it up. the City of Vancouver has extended patio hours for restaurants to 1am. Just imagine the amazing people you will be able to meet all without having to get on a plane. the world is coming to us so let’s get out there and meet them. Support our local businesses and get out there and enjoy!

I welcome your feedback and I’ve attended quite a few 2010 preparedness events. So if you have any questions about getting around don’t be shy, ask.

Tips and Tricks for getting around Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics

So yesterday’s blog article on the Olympics generated quite a bit of private comments to me about the #1 concern which is how to effectively get around the city during the Games.

These are the 8 Tips and Tricks I recommend.

1. Check out the website for all the up to date Transit information, maps, trip planners, travel alerts, & business preparedness tips + road closures.

2. Did you know that if you have an Olympic event ticket this is also good as your transit pass for the day! That’s free unlimited transit for the entire day of the event you are going to! Includes everything but the West Coast Express.

3. For non Olympic related activities/errands/work consider travelling into the downtown core before noon. Most Olympic events taking place in Vancouver and Richmond are scheduled to start after 12 noon.

4. Translink is also offering 6 week Limited Edition transit passes. These are available now and are valid from Feb 8, 2010 to March 21, 2010.

5. If you have a smart phone and are on Twitter follow them. Translink will be real time monitoring these sites and information gathered will be fed to the dispatch center. Jhenifer Pabillano, Online Communications Advisor for Translink is also a great resource and is responsible for the Blog.

6. If you have an IPHONE download the free Translink APP. It is a bit clumsy but all the schedules are updated and it utilizes the GPS in the phone to help you find stops near you. You can find the APP by entering TRANSLINK in the APP Store search. Best of all it’s FREE!

7. Depending on your departure to final destination points give yourself some extra time. This way you are not adding any additional stress on yourself and it will ensure less “transit” rage.

8. Smile and be helpful to locals and tourists alike. A smile is infectious and will help in lowering transit tension.

What are your thoughts and ideas about getting around Vancouver during the Olympics? Please let me know what you think. Look forward to your comments.

The Olympics is not just about sports, it’s about Culture

I originally wanted to write a blog post today about some of the events happening in Vancouver during the Olympics. As luck would have it Vancouver Blogger star Rebecca Bollwitt (or better known as Miss604) wrote a great Blog on the Cultural Olympiad. So with her permission here is an excerpt from her blog. Feel free to click on the link below to read it in it’s entirety.

Vancouver Cultural Olympiad 2010

Posted: January 14th, 2010 @ 10:30 am
Posted by: Miss604

Vancouver’s Cultural Olympiad has been taking place over the last two years, gearing up for the main event in February 2010, it features performances, art installations, concerts and more.

From January 22nd until March 21st sub-festivals such as CODEand Juste pour rire, will make sure the Cultural Olympiad is jammed-packed with action.

They have hundreds of events taking place in dozens of venues around Vancouver, including outdoor expositions. If you’re not sure what to search for yet in the event listings, here are just a few highlights.

The contemporary concert series in Vancouver:

What’s the one event you can’t wait to see at the Olympics?

Having missed Expo 86 I am very excited to be able to partake in all the fun and events that will be happening in and around Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics. I’m even planning to do a day trip up to Whistler just to be a part of the energy and excitement that will be up there.

Thanks to a couple of great websites ( 04 and I’ve been able to scout some of the best and FREE events that will be happening around the city.

Here are my top three pics

1. LiveCity Yaletown – I think this is going to be the hot spot downtown for live events. Running from 11am to 11pm Feb 13th to Feb 28th. To find out the full listing of scheduled performances click here

2. Casa Italia – We all know how much I love good food….. Well I am sure that Casa Italia will not disappoint. Located at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown it will be open daily to the public between Feb 6 – 28th from noon until 6pm daily.

3. Heineken House (Holland) – the must Go See pavilion of the 2010 Games. Located near the Richmond O-Zone it is expected this “party” palace will serve in excess of 90,000 people. Open from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m daily they will serve up equal portions of Heineken and performances by Dutch Artists. A must see!