Olympics – do or don’t? My take on the what’s going to happen

So we are 30 days away from hosting the Olympics here in Vancouver and everyone seems to have an opinion on whether it’s a good or bad thing for Vancouver. Well here’s mine.

Regardless of my initial position it is now a done deal and I feel we should embrace it and take advantage in whatever way makes the best sense. So that means let’s stop our griping and let’s have some fun! With so much happening in the city it’s a once in a life time opportunity.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of what’s happening.

1. Working and traveling into DT – this is a big one. If you commute to DT for work you may want to ask for some options. Would your company allow you to telework? Can I adjust my work hours to void the commute crush (did you know most Olympic sports start at noon or later? This means if you work from 7-2pm you’ll avoid most of the traffic mess)? Are you able to carpool or take public transit (Translink has worked hard to make this information available on one site. All you need to know about car pooling, trip planning, schedules etc it is there. Also if you have an IPHONE check out the APP store for the free Translink App. I use it all the time!)?

2. Take in the sights sounds and energy that is going to be happening all over the Lower Mainland. There will be lots of great events and pavilions happening all over the Lower Mainland and up to Whistler. When I searched there are at least 34 events that are free during the month of February in the Vancouver area alone. Also don’t forget the live site at David Lam Park, Georgia and Beatty and of course the Richmond O Zone which will have Holland House (better known as Heineken House).

3. Party it up. the City of Vancouver has extended patio hours for restaurants to 1am. Just imagine the amazing people you will be able to meet all without having to get on a plane. the world is coming to us so let’s get out there and meet them. Support our local businesses and get out there and enjoy!

I welcome your feedback and I’ve attended quite a few 2010 preparedness events. So if you have any questions about getting around don’t be shy, ask.